Pascagoula River Park Pier
East Pascagoula River in Pascagoula, Mississippi
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The River Park Pier is an isolated park in Pascagoula due to the difficulty in driving to this facility. Since the new highrise bridge has been constructed you must exit off Highway 90 as if going to Northrop Grumman. You then have to turn left at the first light by Signal International and follow the signs to the park. The park is currently in a rebuilding stage from Hurricane Katrina and is located on the West Bank of the East Pascagoula River. Check back for more photos once construction is completed. This is also the location that the Flagship Festival was held years ago for those of you who remember that.
View of River Park pier from top of the highrise bridge
Repair is currently underway on the pier.
Playground area and pavilion which needs repair.
Scranton Museum which displays items used for shrimping. Currently Closed.