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Old Photo's and Postcards

This page will show a few old photo's and some old postcards that we find. If you have anything that would fit on this page scan it in and email it to

old-port.jpg (21290 bytes) Port of Pascagoula - 1908 1907-delmas.jpg (30066 bytes) Delmas Avenue - 1907
Palace Pharmacy,
Scranton, MS.
shipbld.jpg (39520 bytes) Ingalls Shipbuilding - 1930's South.jpg (48211 bytes) An old postcard of South elementary School, possible before it was added on to. Which does not really matter now that it has been demolished.

pas-1908.JPG (13809 bytes)

Port of Pascagoula - 1908 pasc-1908.JPG (14996 bytes) Port of Pascagoula - 1908
longfel-1940.jpg (31718 bytes) Longfellow House 1940's 1907-trolly.jpg (242449 bytes) Post Card Entitled: "Where the Spanish Moss Grows" 1907 Trolly
bigpig.JPG (84519 bytes) Big Pig Drive Inn located at Highway 90 and Railroad Street. Date Unknown. OldBridge-1.jpg (49518 bytes) Old bridge that crossed West Pascagoula River. Before current draw bridge.
OldBridge-2.jpg (33611 bytes) Old bridge that crossed West Pascagoula River. Before current draw bridge. 167.JPG (56005 bytes) 1940's Postcard of Beach Park Pier. Postcard Entitled "Municipal Bathing Pier, Pascagoula, MS."
miss117.jpg (87569 bytes) Delmas Avenue
Scranton, Mississippi
Date: Unknown
miss116.jpg (106563 bytes) Public School
Scranton, Mississippi
Date: Unknown
beachdrive.jpg (23976 bytes) Beach Drive in Pascagoula
Year: Unknown
36annex.jpg (13597 bytes) Annex Restaurant in Pascagoula
Year: Unknown
j2160.jpg (19682 bytes) Lover's Oak in Pascagoula

bathingpier.jpg (42022 bytes)

Municipal Bathing Pier
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Year: Unknown
pasriver.jpg (50746 bytes) Photo of East Pascagoula River prior to Highway 90. Only the Railroad Bridge is in Place. pas-1910.jpg (130235 bytes) Pascagoula Harbor
13783.jpg (19566 bytes) Photo of  Pascagoula and Northern RR Depot, Moss Point, Mississippi lighthouse.gif (25639 bytes) Old Postcard Entitled
"Mouth of Pascagoula River Lighthouse"
Date Unknown
miss308.jpg (35595 bytes) Postcard Entitled
"Singing River Motor Court - 3 Miles West of Pascagoula on Highway 90". These cottages are gone know and this is now known as Frenchman's Landing S/D in Gautier.
pscgl21.jpg (33505 bytes) Gulf Sands Apartments on the beach in Pascagoula in its prime. All the apartments and cottages have been torn down to make way for a new home.
n196.jpg (27113 bytes) Entitled: "An Old Southern Home in Pascagoula" (Longfellow House) Date of photo unknown. Bosters Cafe 1908.jpg (74275 bytes) Entitled:" Bosters Cafe Pascagoula" 
Date 1908
1930s-WiggensHome.jpg (93757 bytes) 1930's Photo of the Wiggins House in Pascagoula FBC-Pasc.JPG (33794 bytes) Old Photo of First Baptist Church of Pascagoula. This is the old church which has now been removed and a parking lot is currently in this location.
Seawall.JPG (33721 bytes) Old postcard entitled "Seawall - Pascagoula, Mississippi"
Date of photo - Unknown
Ingalls.jpg (24340 bytes) Photo titled "Pascagoula, MS."
pasca-1911.jpg (30447 bytes) Pascagoula, MS. 1911.
Birds Eye View Looking South
c147.jpg (86838 bytes) Old Spanish Fort
docks-1930.jpg (64399 bytes) Pascagoula River Docks
tiptop.JPG (36519 bytes) Tip Top Restaurant 
RiverRoad.jpg (46936 bytes) Old photo looking down River Road in Pascagoula bayou.jpg (85036 bytes) Postcard Titled:
Among the Bayous - Pascagoula, Mississippi
1763.jpg (71095 bytes) Old Spanish Fort (Date Unknown) Community House.jpg (13356 bytes) Community House in Pascagoula
(Date Unknown)
21353.jpg (52665 bytes) Ingalls Shipbuilding
(Date Unknown)
21355.jpg (52821 bytes) Aerial view of Ingalls East Bank Facility before the West Bank facility was constructed.
Cannery.jpg (18383 bytes) Shrimp and Oyster Cannery
Pascagoula, Mississippi
pier.jpg (18502 bytes) City Park Pier in Pascagoula
Cany-Sarrazin.jpg (57622 bytes) Intersection of Canty Street and Sarrazin Street Dredge.jpg (32508 bytes) U.S. Dredge in Pascagoula, Mississippi
dec05_01.jpg (67832 bytes)
Caption Gene Whatley @Collie Towing Co. on the Herman Collie about 1958
143.jpg (61336 bytes) Postcard Reads "Randall's Beach Bungalows"
5-30lure.jpg (51794 bytes) Water Lure - Greetings from Pascagoula FF0053.jpg (12069 bytes) Pascagoula Beach Park
15_1.jpg (27131 bytes) Motel in Pascagoula 1944Bridge.jpg (59844 bytes) 1944 Postcard of bridge across the Singing River
c22.jpg (110592 bytes) Airplanes at Jackson County Fair MS-CENTRAL-SCHO0001.jpg (47952 bytes) Card reads "Central School in Pascagoula, MS"
OLDRIVERROAD.jpg (29966 bytes) Old River Road 1950-Longfellow.jpg (60265 bytes) Longfellow House 1950's
PHS1954snow.jpg (38855 bytes) Pascagoula High School - Snow 1954 Courthouse-54.jpg (38710 bytes) Pascagoula High School 1954
Coast-Guard.jpg (44533 bytes) Old Pascagoula Coast Guard Station EF Bacot Farm.jpg (146559 bytes) E.H. Bacot Farm
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Beach Blvd.jpg (72134 bytes) Old Photo of Beach Blvd. in Pascagoula Evangeline Restaurant on Telephone Road in Pascagoula
Old postcard of the Old Spanish Fort in Pascagoula    

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